In a recent bloggers meet-up held in Lahore, Ufone invited its valued customers and a new brand ambassador, Hayat Achakzai to talk about his experience as a determined sportsman who has made the country proud as a result of his passion for boxing. He shared insight into his sport and passion with the bloggers of the city.

Ufone has always brought such inspirational, motivational, and low-paid customers to the projection so that the world could see how magnificent they are. With over 20 million customers and a growing 3G network, Ufone has great potential for the near future. In fact, the company touched its highest daily revenues in last one year.

In this glorious event held at Faletti’s hotel Lahore, this campaign is highlighted with the hashtag of “ #Befikri ” to advocate the ordinary citizen, accomplishing extraordinary things. We have to realize that these heroic individuals can overcome their share of hurdles to live their passions.

The Ufone believes Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan and a thriving commercial hub, therefore, it is crucial to our identity and an important market for us, and our recent capacity expansion in Lahore comes as a testament to this fact.

Achakzai is a boxer from Quetta. He started early at the tender age of 11 and went on to win his first silver medal in All Pakistan under fourteen. Throughout the years, his training, dedication and hard work paid off as he went on to join WAPDA team, winning Gold in 2003 and 2006. He even won the Gold medal at the National Games in 2004. Soon, the national arena was no longer enough to satiate his desire, as he wanted to make Pakistan proud by representing it in the international showground. And so, at the President Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia, he brought home Gold in 2005. He then even went on to play at the Commonwealth Championships.

Hayat Achakzai is now a 33-year-old father of 4, who runs his own small shop. But he still contributes to his favorite sport and society by coaching the same WAPDA team he once played for. He has exemplified the structural balance between providing for your family and living your passion. He aspires to make it to the Al-Fajr Cup in Iran in the near future.

Ufone is about caring for the customers and that’s why new equipment has been installed in Lahore after thorough testing. Now you can make video calls through Ufone connection from anywhere in the city and can also stream videos without facing any difficulties. This better experience is available all across Lahore.


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