WhatsApp is an app which continually works on enhancing the overall user experience and quite frequently launch updates to their application in order to accommodate the changing needs and wants of their users. The company in recent times has taken a lot of measures to ensure that users get a peace of mind when ever they are using WhatsApp. This is because of the growing concerns of cybersecurity and the misuse of the app to support a particular agenda. The company have come up with end to end encryption, a finger locking system and so much more to ensure a better experience for the overall user. 

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Now, in what seems to be a bid to further make the experience of the final user more trouble-free and pleasant, WhatsApp has put in a lot of work to roll out a new feature which will allow people to report unsolicited messages and contacts, if of course they think that this particular account is involved in misconduct. However, there’s a catch this time round, the one who issues the complaint will have to share recent chat messages with the application to prove misconduct, according to the IndianExpress. In addition the new feature which is now live on the Android version of the app, will allow the Android beta testers to report both private and regular WhatsApp accounts on the grounds of harassment, guidelines violations, or spamming. 

Unlike other apps which basically just review complaints according to their community guidelines, folks at WhatApp will now have to provide ample amount of  evidence before the Zuckerberg-owned company takes decisive action against the perpetrators. Once the account has been reported, the verification process will take some time. In addition, variables such as how many users reported the accounts in question, will be reviewed carefully before action is taken. Once the company ensures that misconduct has taken place, WhatsApp will blacklist the reported accounts. For those who wish to gain access to the new feature, the new feature for iOS beta testers will be available soon. However, the official roll-out to regular users is yet to be made public. 


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