Operating System Market Share: Bill Gates Lonely At The Top

Operating System Market Share

Operating system market shares might be thought of as the money earned by respective companies through their operating systems. Companies that have their own operating systems are massive companies and hence the market share is also in similar figures. However, it might not be as close as we think. Categorically speaking, Windows has landsliding dominance over other operating systems when it comes to PC operating systems. It is much closer when it comes to Mobile operating systems.  Here are some stats to get an idea of what we are dealing with here:

  • OS statistics show that Android has an enviable market share of 40.47%, making it by far the most popular mobile OS.
  • Windows is the immovable object in the world of PC operating systems with a desktop OS market share of 87.37%.
  • Linux is peerless in the Internet of Things (IoT) OS realm, with an 80% slice 80% of the pie.
  • With macOS at 10.10% and iOS at 28.97%, Apple is second only to Microsoft and Google in the PC and mobile OS races, respectively.
  • Salmsung accounted for almost 29% of phones sold in the first nine months of 2019, crowning the Korean multinational as the world’s top smartphone vendor.

The lead that Windows has makes Bill Gates one of the richest men in the world and without any competition. MacOs has a share of 10.10%. The difference here is a joke! This cannot be said for mobile operating systems were Android and Ios are the real kings and have been for a long time. Here are some specific stats:

Android ended 2019 with a global operating system market share of 74.13%.

Pie 9.0 accounted for 41.9% of the Android operating system version market share in 2019.

12. Apple’s iOS entered 2020 with a worldwide smartphone operating system market share of 24.79%.

13. In 2019, the market share for the Android operating system in the US, an iPhone-worshiping country, went slightly above 40%.


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