This is the Pakistan’s first online shopping search engine that enables you to find the best prices for more than 3,50,000 products.

It’s not too long when I get shocked after a wave of excitement which I received with the reception of electrical appliances at my door step, that I had ordered online. Let me tell you the reason that shocked me! It was due to the price difference for the same product available on another online store that was 8% less pricey and this disclosure of the price difference was made to me via, an online shopping search engine.

Before learning about search engine, I had to spend a lot of time searching for the best suitable lower price for the product and I faced failure in this regard.

But now,  I am quite confident in making online shopping decisions all thanks to No doubt the search engine I am talking about will be helpful for all the people as online shopping is becoming a force to reckon in the country. Numerous megastores are opening their businesses over the internet and shopping using the internet has become one of the most favorite ways people are shopping in the country.

Although it looks easy yet it becomes very difficult sometimes that where to find the best product at the best price. If you are tired of visiting different online stores one by one just to compare prices, you’re in luck. is making our lives easier by providing us with the country’s first ever Online Shopping Search Engine.

This search engine can be used as a Google for products on the internet in Pakistan.Where you simply type the name of the product you are looking for, will bring results from a variety of different online stores enabling you to compare the prices of the product you are looking for.

What is special about

Massive range of products:

The website catalogs 350,000+ products from the biggest online stores all over the Pakistan providing you as many options as possible with the inclusion of, and It’s fully automated and keep all the price and stock updated, so you get the most updated prices.

Blog to share experiences :

They have gained immense popularity and response since their launch about two months ago. This site also features a blog where shopping experts share their shopping experiences with the people. And there is plenty of guides available that effectively helps you to buy the right product next time you shop over the internet.

Keeps you updated with the fashion:

It enables you to explore the trending products in Pakistan. No more need to bother about what people are buying, as you can always head over to to find out the products setting the trend.

One window showing prices of multiple products:

Latest prices of various products available on this search engine enabling you to easily compare prices of products through different online shops in one and only window. The system is scalable, so it can easily go up to millions. It’s using machine learning techniques to give the most accurate results.

Save the time and money:

Comparison of prices on one single window saves your money and time as well in an easier way.

While concluding we must admit that has used innovative ways for the convenience of people to shop online. Surely you will follow the smart way of buying online to make your life easier.


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