The leather and silicon cases do look very nice and pretty, but being an iPhone user, you have to ask yourself a question, do you only want good looks or do you also want solidity to your iPhone, in the case where it drops? The pretty cases won’t save you in that case, then how to protect it, if you want the strongest protection available to guard your iPhone, then you are reading at the right place.

There is a 7 dollar ballistic glass protector that’s on sale on amazon, and then there is an ultra slim case which is made out of real body armor material, the best to save your iPhone from any harm.

The ballistic glass protector helps prevent damage from drops or scratches and protect your phone smartly, not at all compromising on the luxurious touch screen experience that apple offer, and not have any sort of interference with the iPhone 7 sensors. Made from the highest grade Japanese Asahi glass, the glass provided 99.99% HD clarity, as claimed by the company itself. The iPhone screen has curved edges, while this screen protector covers only the flat surface in order to reduce the risk of bubbles. The protector is easy to install and is very durable.



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