The Supreme administrative court of Sweden took upon itself to dismiss an appeal which was filed by Chinese tech giant Huawei against its exclusion from the country’s 5G network rollout. This dismissal took place yesterday. The ruling has thus gone on to remove all barriers with respect to the planned 5G spectrum auction which was scheduled for next week.

Indeed the Chinese manufacturer filed an appeal just this month against a decision which was taken by a lower court, the Administrative Court of Appeal which proceeded on to make way and allow the country’s telecoms regulator PTS so as to resume 5G spectrum auctions without actually removing a previous ban on Huawei.

The court’s statement, as it dismissed Huawei’s appeal, further pointed out that this ruling is indeed final, and that therefore no appeal can be taken against it. Huawei also said that it was actually awaiting decisions on two other appeals which were filed by it in November of last year in relation to what the company felt was an unjustifiable ban by PTS. The company had indeed claimed that there would be serious consequences in the scenario where PTS would go ahead and hold the 5G auction while PTS conditions are subject to legal review.

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In a statement on Friday, Huawei proceeded on to suggest that the company hoped that the Supreme Court would take upon itself to adopt a broader approach in consideration of the issue of law and therefore consider the appeal on other grounds put forward by Huawei.

Back in October of last year, Sweden claimed that it would ban both Huawei as well as Chinese rival ZTE from its 5G rollout so as to counter security concerns and risks. It then gave companies that were willing to take part in 5G auctions until the first of January, 2025 to remove both Huawei as well as ZTE’s gear from existing infrastructure and core functions.


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