With the launch of its latest iPhone series, Apple has made sure that all the people looking to buy its latest flagship devices have the opportunity to invest in ample amounts of storage. Indeed with the storage offered with respect to the latest iPhones, Apple has gone on to double the storage which was offered last year as it now offered 1TB of internal storage as compared to the 512 gigs which were offered last year. And now, by the looks of it, there is the suggestion that the brand is looking to push the limits of storage capabilities as it is now being suggested that the tech giant will in fact offer a massive 2 TB storage with respect to the iPhone 14. If the brand is indeed successful in such an offering, then it will effectively go on and double the max storage for two years in a row.

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Indeed as per the suggestion coming in from a rather trusted Chinese site, it has been said that the 2022 iPhone series, which will presumably be called as the iPhone 14 series, will end up offering 2 TB internal storage. This report follows another from Digitimes which actually concludes that Apple is in the process of working with NAND flash chipmakers so as to make cost-effective QLC and NAND flash solutions for next year’s iPhones.

The QLC flash of course makes way with a rather improved memory density by 33 percent over the possible TLC storage used on the iPhone 13 series. This is due to the fact of course that TLC features with four bits per cell – all of which should end up translating to more data within the very same form factor. It also means that there are lower costs per unit of capacity.


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