Recommend Captains to Careem and Get Cash & Credit Incentives

Recommend Captains to Careem and Get Cash & Credit Incentives

Careem being the popular ride-hailing service provider in Pakistan is improving its service and quality day by day. The company’s marketing skills perk up their game of fame. And now Careem is offering incentives to both, captains and passengers to maintain its top spot in the market.

According to a survey on ride-hailing services, 73% of people who are smartphone users, have some sort of ride-hailing app installed and results of general voting showed that almost 76.04% users prefer Careem, which is a really big margin.

3 days ago, on 23rd of September, a “Super Saturday” is launched by the company and the purpose of this initiative was to boost up Careem’s fame, the number of customers and captains.

This scheme to give incentives and discounts will add the value and will strengthen the reputation of Careem in the current market. It will be in favor for both Captains and Customers equally.


There is a chance to earn a Careem credits Rs2000, if you refer someone to Careem and get them registered as Careem Captains then you can earn this incentive.

The Same offer is valid for current Captains as well. They can also refer another person to become a Captain and you will be awarded by Rs. 2000.

What about the new caption who signs up as a Captain upon a referral? Yes, he will also award by Rs. 500.

On the other hand, the newly registered (and referred) Captain must need to complete 8 rides to get this offer.

It is important to mention here that the offer is only available in Lahore.

If you’re really interested in becoming a Careem Captain or if you have someone in mind to refer from your family or friends that can be a future Careem Captain, then you should visit any Careem Registration Centre.

There are many Careem centers all across the country and in Lahore too.


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