The court rules against Xiaomi use of Mix in a phone name

The court rules against Xiaomi use of Mix in a phone name
The court rules against Xiaomi use of Mix in a phone name

So one of the rapidly rising names in the mobile phone technology world is probably Xiaomi who have over the years established an amazing brand profile by introducing some really amazing mid-range devices which have truly been a sensation. The amount of features complimented with the amazing price the company offers has helped Xiaomi come a long way in the technological world.

However, even major companies such as Xiaomi sometimes make mistakes and it seems they have been caught making one, the all new an upcoming Mi MIX series might undergo a massive change before Xiaomi reveal the fourth-generation scheduled for a release later this year. According to sources, Beijing court has ruled against Xiaomi’s use of the word “MIX” in the name as they believe that this is a case of trademark infringement. As per the court, another company has already trademarked the name “MIX” and they did this in the year back as November 23, 2014 which has in turn caused un-rest amongst the developers of Xiaomi.

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Furthermore this case was initiated by the court on 4th March, 2019 after the company  refused to respond to the trademark dispute which in turn lead to action being taken against the Chinese company. More conclusivelya panel was formed in accordance with the law and it was affirmed that Xiaomi doesn’t have a claim to the trademark based on Article 69 of the Administrative Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Based on the judgment, Xiaomi has been banned for using the MIX name for any technology the company develops in the future. Now considering the reputation of the company there is always the  possibility of Xiaomi reaching an agreement with the company that who owns the trademark to in turn buy it from them and use it as their own. So far , the Chinese giant have not said anything about the care in discussion. Finally their upcoming flagship device the  Mi MIX 4 is expected to be powered by the all new Snapdragon 855 Plus and another highlight feature of the said device is the addition of a 108MP primary camera sensor developed by Samsung. The phone will also reportedly carry support for reverse charging as well, so all in all the phone promises a lot and the company may well do anything to maintain their name and reputation.


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